The new gods

The Vigil
The Heavenly Court

The first children of Sol and Astra tok on the mantle of responsability to guide mankind after the death of Astra and Luna at the hands of Astra’s firstborn Askr, now the god of death.

lighting the way for humanity, they take up the place as stars in the night skyes.

Brynhild – Goddess of war and tactics, sister of Sigtyr

Sigtyr – god of victory in battle and baserkers.

Fjolsvid – creator of writing, he identified the runes used by the elemental lords and his mother in the creation of all things

Brokkr – master smith, instructed by Brynhild he created chainmail or brynje as it often called

Herjan – Chief of the gods



The Virtues

In the Kingdome of Loegria ancient heroes are worshiped as the paragons of justice, nobility and knighthood. Only those born in a sacred union among the nobles can call on the blessings of the Virtues.

Other cults

children of the earth mother – the worship of the elemental lord Gaia (Jorth).

Cult of Vidrir – Vidrirsormen, Blotughadda, the stormbringer. the great serpent god of Ormgard. god the seas and storms. the child of Oceanus, Neptuna and Oberon.

The new gods

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